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 ABOUT US | LATIDO FILMS | international sales agency



LATIDO FILMS is an international sales agency founded in 2003 to commercialize all-film rights of titles from all over the world (with a line-up of no more than 15 per year to ensure our quality standards), with a special focus in Spain and Latin-America.

LATIDO is not only proud of its collaboration with some of the most prestigious filmmakers such as Oscar Award winner Juan José Campanella with THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES, Sundance Film Festival winner Andrés Wood with VIOLETA WENT TO HEAVEN or legendary Spanish director Carlos Saura with FADOS but also in rising up new talent to the international market such as Rome Film Festival winner Sebastian Borensztein with CHINESE TAKE-AWAY or Cuban Oscar proposed Ernesto Daranas with BEHAVIOR.

Multi-audience animations and ground-breaking documentaries are also a must in our catalogue.