• Action ,
  • Thriller
  • | 2022

Directed by Daniel Calparsoro


From the Spanish king of Action Thrillers, comes the ultimate high voltage challenge. A common taxi driver (Luis Tosar). A police detective (Inma Cuesta) fed up with her life. The city center of a dense populated city. A bomb that will explode unless he keeps moving. All while TV cameras from all over the world keep rolling. In depth characters that bring emotional moments and a use of locations in different continents to better understand the layers of the conflict, will round everything up. Brought by the producers of Soderbergh’s CHE, think SPEED meets 24 HOURS (with the clock ticking backwards) and TRAFFIC for an unforgettable 90 minutes that will leave exhausted even the biggest of adrenaline junkies.



After a jihadist attack, Santi is taken hostage by Hamza, the only surviving terrorist who forces him to help in his desperate escape with his cab. An unexpected twist switches their roles and Santi becomes a human bomb walking through Gran Vía in Madrid wearing an explosive vest. The police, secret service, and even the media, join forces to save his life in an impressive deployment of resources with unexpected consequences.