• Thriller
  • | 2009

Directed by Samuel Martín Mateos, Andrés Luque

Sebastián, a small time crook who just got out of prison, decides to look for a job in the small company, “Isolina, Sea Products” . Evidently, it’s not what he wants to do in life, but something tells him that the owner of the company, Regueira, hasn´t bought his Jaguar just selling sea food.

Thanks to a trick, he gets to meet the manager of the factory, Raúl, and gets hired. Soon he obtains the information he needs from Raúl: the frozen fish are just a cover for a highly lucrative business.After this, Sebas kills Raúl and tells Reguiera he did it because “he had no choice” : that delivery of cuttlefish stuffed with cocaine where about to end up in the city of Vigo´s police station.