• Sexual thriller
  • | 2022

Directed by Hernán Jabes



“Twisted, uncomfortable, raw, morally questionable, taboos need to be reviewed after watching”… get ready for the scandal film of the year! With this blend of crime and sexual thriller Hernán Jabes (jumping to Gaspar Noe’s Venezuelan shoes) plunges to the cinematic pool without considering if there is water or not on it. Depicting evil in the most natural way both individually and as a society (and therefore making it even more terrific for the audience than killers with nothing to relate to) you will love or hate this film, but by no means you will be left indifferent.



In today’s Venezuela where political and social chaos reigns, a group of upper-class youth (Lolo, Cacá, Eli and Alain) live carefree between drugs, group sex games and what they believe to be love, until one day, Eli is brutally murdered. Sixteen years later in an utopian but recognizable future, as Alain experiences a beautiful romance with Santiago (a journalist turned successful writer who recalls the case), the memories return only to reveal that Eli’s alleged murderer is not who everyone believed. Evil still continues.