• Spanish Classics ,
  • Thriller
  • | 2005

Directed by Marcelo Piñeyro

Madrid. Paseo de la Castellana. A demonstration of thousands of people. Anti-disturbance security forces on the streets. Seven candidates to a high executive position on a multinational company show up for a selection test in a skyscraper at the financial district. Among them, the most disparate personalities: the winner, the aggressive, the insecure, the critic, the indecisive…

After a labyrinth of applications, accreditations and other bureaucracy, the seven participants, guided by a secretary, will meet together in a cold room waiting for the selection process to begin… From that moment on and in a climate of tense competition, their insecurities will become fear and doubts and these into a general state of paranoia. After introducing themselves with caution, they will wander if they are being observed by cameras or if the company has infiltrated a psychologist to examine them.