. Directed by Simón Casal

Director - Latido Films
Lenguaje - Latido Films
Duración - Latido Films
Género - Latido Films
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  • Carmen Costa
  • Alex Jerónimo
  • Brais Lago
  • Alicia Kovack


The Spanish government announces a referendum to approve an Artificial Intelligence Justice system for all Spanish courts. In practice, the system will replace every judge in the country. The referendum unleashes a fierce debate between two groups: the government, which promises to unclog and depoliticize the justice system using Spanish AI software, and the judges, who defend the exclusively human dimension of justice. The death of Alicia Kovack, the software’s creator while traveling in a self-driving car, sets off alarms. It is only the tip of the iceberg of a conspiracy to try and control the country’s justice system.
Days before dying, Alicia tried to contact Carmen Costa, a judge who convicted her for when she was younger and who is well-known for having won a trial against Electricity company. After Alicia’s well publicized funeral, which the company’s new management uses in the Yes campaign for algorithmic justice in the referendum, Carmen is invited by the company to carry out an audit on the Artificial Intelligence Justice system, called TENTE.
As soon as she arrives at the company’s headquarters, in the north of Galicia, Carmen goes head to head with the software analyzing different cases, while she gets to know the company’s executives. When the official investigation into Alicia’s death concludes that her death was accidental, Carmen becomes increasingly obsessed in discovering why Alicia wanted to see her before dying, the circumstances of her death and why she was asked to test the software.
Meanwhile, the media campaign for the referendum to approve the software becomes more heated, a campaign in which taking a position for Yes or No becomes increasingly harder, because of the issues and implications of a technology that will change the nature of the justice system forever.