Drama. Directed by Arantxa Echevarria

Director - Latido Films
Lenguaje - Latido Films
Duración - Latido Films
Género - Latido Films
Nacionalidad - Latido Films
Calendario - Latido Films
CHINAS - Latido Films


  • Leonor Watling
  • Carolina Yuste
  • Pablo Molinero


Arantxa Echevarría again delves into conflicts within (ethnic) minorities in Spain. A brilliant exploration of the different realities experienced by an adopted girl of Chinese origin when she is in the same class as another Chinese girl who is a second-generation immigrant. With a superb cast that is the result of years of work, here Arantxa mixes once more natural and professional actors to recreate a fascinating and conflictive reality where elements of childhood, racism, identity and integration in society form a perfect blend.


At the beginning of the school term, two 9 year-old Chinese girls meet. Lucía is a second generation immigrant but feels completely integrated. She dreams of celebrating her birthday at the Burger King and admires her teenage sister Claudia (who rebels against the traditional life her parents wish her for, being more interested in urban culture and partying with the boys in the hood). The other girl is Xiang, adopted by a Spanish couple and has grown completely alienated from her Chinese origin. One day, her adoptive father finds out that his biological family is starting to look for her on social media, pushing events forward. When they get to know better each other, they will eventually discover who they really are and where do they belong.