. Directed by Daniela Fejerman

Mamá no enredes
Director - Latido Films
Lenguaje - Latido Films
Duración - Latido Films
Género - Latido Films
Nacionalidad - Latido Films
Calendario - Latido Films
MOM IS A MATCH - Latido Films


  • Malena Alteiro

    Antonio Pagudo

    Ben Temple

    Juan Grandinetti

    Eva Ugarte


What thoughts cross the mind of a young guy in his twenties when he finds his own mother’s profile in a dating application? Yes, his mother is still young. Yes. she has divorced the young guy’s father and is entitled to remake her own life. but…All there is out there is a big bunch of men who’ll use her and then ditch her.
Dani and his sister Milena will embark on the delirious adventure of trying to spoil their mother’s flings, and will go all out when the woman starts a more serious love affair with an Argentine toy boy, since the siblings are convinced that he will only make her suffer…However, as it turns out their strategies don’t have the desired effect. In fact, nothing will work out as they expect