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Documentary. Directed by Carlos Saura

Director - Latido Films
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WALLS CAN TALK - Latido Films


  • Carlos Saura
  • Miquel Barceló
  • Suso 33


With more than 50 films to his name and multi-awarded in Cannes, Venice and Berlin, Carlos Saura on this rear occasion will not only be behind but also in front of the camera to try to answer questions that linger since humankind decided to express itself through pictorial art and how this relates to the modern world. When did the Human Being decide to transcend? What originated its passion to communicate? Is painting on walls a vital necessity to record the passage of men and women through this world? Who can be a creator? Going from the Cave of Lascaux (regarded by many as the master work of Human Creation) to Urban Art from artists that painted facades all over the world, this new type of documentary will keep your head rumbling not only long after the lights are out but next time you walk by street art and start relating to it in ways you never did before.


In his artistic testament, acclaimed Carlos Saura portrays the evolution and relationship of art with the wall as a creative canvas, travelling from the first graphic revolutions of the prehistoric caves to the most avant-garde urban expressions. A thrilling and personal journey in the company of figures including Miquel Barceló (the first contemporary artist still alive to expose his work at the Louvre) or Suso 33 (a reference within the Graffiti and Muralism worlds) among many.